Nancy M. Albert

Associate Chief Nursing Officer
Office of Nursing Research and Innovation
Nursing Institute Cleveland Clinic Health System

As Associate Chief Nursing Officer of Research and Innovation, Dr. Albert administers and provides research and innovation services throughout Cleveland Clinic, a multicenter system. She mentors nurses in research and evidence-based practice and conducts her own heart failure programs of research on understanding bio-behavioral issues that impact self-care adherence and clinical outcomes and improving conformity to recommended care advocated in national guidelines. She is an adjunct Professor at Aalborg University, Aalborg Denmark and adjunct Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University Bolton School of Nursing, in Cleveland Ohio.

As a clinical nurse specialist, Dr Albert is a provider in an advanced heart failure ambulatory clinic. In her role as an innovation leader, she educates nurses (and multidisciplinary teams) about ideation, innovative thinking, and enhancing novelty. She is a national and international consultant, educator and faculty member to healthcare professionals on research, innovative thinking, heart failure, and evidence-based practices. 

Dr. Albert is widely published with over 400 peer-reviewed publications in medical and nursing journals and 27 book chapters. Dr Albert is the editor and chapter author of the 2016 book titled: Building and Sustaining a Hospital-Based Nursing Research Program and the first author of the 6th edition of Quantum Leadership in 2022. Dr. Albert served as the 2020-2021 President of the Heart Failure Society of America, a national multidisciplinary organization and was the first President of the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (2004-2006). She received the Nursing Leadership Award by the Heart Failure Society of America in September 2018, Healthcare Volunteer of the Year by the American Heart Association in June 2015, and Distinguished Research Lecturer by the American Association of Critical-care Nurses in May 2013. She has 4 fellowships, including the honor of being a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing since October 2015.