Glen Coppersmith

Deputy Director
Proactive Health Office, ARPA-H

Glen Coppersmith is currently ARPA-H’s Proactive Health Office’s Deputy Director. In his role at ARPA-H, he will set up the office, look across the office portfolio, and provide strategic support for the program managers. His previous position was as the Chief Data Officer at SonderMind, a technology-enabled behavioral health provider network. Coppersmith was also Founder and CEO at Qntfy, which built technology to understand mental health and well-being using data outside the traditional healthcare system. Coppersmith is recognized as a leader and pioneer in the space of mental health and data science. Coppersmith’s work has been covered in several major publications, including The Today Show and Scientific American. He frequently speaks about the scientific advances, ethics, and pragmatics of using data to spark sustained improvements in wellbeing. He earned a master’s degree in psycholinguistics and a doctorate in neuroscience from Northeastern University.